Jukebox Saturday Night

Title: Juke Box Saturday Night
Author: John Krivine
ISBN: 1871667003
Published: 1977
BAL-AMi Content: Low

One of the first books to celebrate the jukebox, "Juke Box Saturday Night" is an excellent documentary of the subject history. Having been published in 1977, it benefited from the fact that many of the people who influenced the gold and silver ages were still alive to recount their stories, one being David Rockola.

The author has gone to great lengths to research not only the history of the jukes themselves, but everything that went on around the periphery, such as the influence of 'the mob'.

The book contains as much text as pictures, the latter being in both black and white, and colour.

BAL-AMi content is limited to a few paragraphs in the latter part of the book.