AMi-Rowe Jukeboxes

Title: AMi-Rowe Jukeboxes
Author: Frank Adams
ISBN: 0912789077
Published: 1998
BAL-AMi Content: Nil (but lots of AMi!)

This is one of a series of books by Frank Adams devoted to each of the big four American manufacturers. Its content is totally AMi, except for an interesting section at the end covering IMA/AMi, the Danish distributor similar to BAL-AMi in the UK. There are some rare photographs of the IMA factory at work in the fifties. Produced in a black and white glossy finish, most of the book contains reproductions of AMi advertising material from 1931 through to 1988. The majority of the advertising is pitched at the operators of the time and makes interesting reading. Perhaps the only downside to this book is the "loose-leaf" binding which gives a low quality feel to an otherwise superb collection of AMi marketing material.