Jukebox Heaven

Title: Jukebox Heaven
Author: Ger Rosendahl / Luc Wildschut
ISBN: 9068250981
Published: 1991
BAL-AMi Content: Low

This book, which originates from The Netherlands, differs from others in that the authors take a very personal approach to the content. They share their experiences of jukebox restoration and collecting, and offer advice to others.

There are tips on buying a juke together with a history (up to 1996) of price movements in the market. For example, an AMi model I would have cost you around 300 US dollars in 1981. In 2017, you could have sold that juke for over 12,000 dollars in Europe!

There are many photographs throughout the book, both colour and black and white, mostly from advertising archives. At the back of the book, there is a list of what is claimed are all the jukeboxes ever made. There are, however, some small errors including the mis-spelling of the BAL-AMi manufacturer (stated as Balfort) and wrong dates for the BAL-AMi machines. Let's just accept them as errors in translation!