Vintage Jukeboxes

Title: Vintage Jukeboxes
Author: Christopher Pearce
ISBN: 18507611167
Published: 1988
BAL-AMi Content: Nil

Another detailed account of the gold and silver ages of the jukebox. This book is packed with colour photographs concentrating on the big four - Wurlitzer, AMi, Rock-Ola, and Seeburg. Of particular interest are the reproductions of the advertising literature of the time, the double page spread of eight Wurlitzer 1015 ads being one of the best examples.

Whilst there is no specific BAL-AMi content, there is plenty of USA AMi coverage. There's an impressive ad for an I200M in a regal setting with some apparently affluent people lounging around being served by a waitress. Closer inspection reveals that the title strips are missing and one therefore wonders how they would have chosen their favourite tunes!