The Ultimate Jukebox Guide

Title: The Ultimate Jukebox Guide 1927-1974
Author: Ian Brown, Nigel Hutchins, Gerry Mizera
ISBN: 0952407000
Published: 1994
BAL-AMi Content: High

Considered by some to be one of the Bibles of Jukebox reference, this English book contains photos and drawings of hundreds of jukeboxes from almost one hundred manufacturers, from twelve countries. The downside is that it's all in black and white apart from the cover. For each manufacturer, there is some detailed history which has obviously been subject to much research. Alongside each jukebox photo is the year it was made, number of selections, 45 or 78 rpm and, where available, the approximate number that were made. The book also reproduces serial number data for the big four American makers which was supplied by Tom DeCillis. The BAL-AMi content is excellent with a history of the company (credited to Tony Holmes) along with photos and illustrations of all models. This edition is hard to find now although it regularly appears for sale on eBay and other web sites.