Super 40 Deluxe 2171 - Cardiff

This Super 40 Deluxe was bought from the Exchange and Mart (UK buy and sell magazine) in 1980 and it’s been with the current owner Vic ever since.

It came from Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads. At the time Vic was living in Warwick and, armed with cash and a hired Escort van, he went over to the east of England. Vic says "I did not know what a BAL-AMi jukebox looked like. The seller said he would keep it for me as I was travelling a long way and also confirmed on the phone that it was a jukebox that lifted the record flipped it over and you can see this happening through the glass front, that’s just what I wanted but it was still a surprise when I saw it. It was sort of working ish and had no mech cover (I made a plastic one a year later). When I got back to my house my friends helped me in with it. What a devil to set up without any guidance but trial and error got me there. I had one 45rpm available which was Elton John and Kiki Dee, "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart". So that was the test record for the next seven hours, right through the night. I was just so excited to have a visual jukebox that I stayed up all night tinkering and admiring it - I had my own jukebox at last.

So, the Elton and Kiki record still reminds me of the fun at Hampton Lucy outside Warwick. The box is as I bought it and the selection states “new pence”. I think it was last used commercially about 1971. It has a few names scratched on the alloy but I like that, Henna Todd and Ann McKegney, where are you now?!!"