• Super 40 Deluxe 2178 - Coventry
  • Super 40 Deluxe 2178 - Coventry
  • Super 40 Deluxe 2178 - Coventry
  • Amplifier, pre-restoration Amplifier, pre-restoration
  • Amplifier now restored. Amplifier now restored.
  • Underside of restored amplifier Underside of restored amplifier

Super 40 Deluxe 2178 - Coventry

Fine example of the rare Super 40 Deluxe in Coventry, UK. It's owned by Rob Stringer, a retired amusement machine engineer.

Rob says:

"I started in the amusement business in 1980 and was one of those rare engineers that liked working on jukeboxes. All the others only wanted to do video games, fruit machines and pool tables. I used to buy old jukeboxes from operators when they were swapping them out for CD models. I refurbished them and sold them on. I did this for a couple of years until the supply of units dried up and I had left the industry. My name had got around and I had many calls to do repairs and servicing and still get the odd one now and again.

I managed to pick this one up in about 2004 from an old operator who was retiring and had it pushed away in the back of a storage unit he was clearing out.

It's OK and works but needs a bit of work. It has been messed about with over the years with bits of wire all over the place and the amp could do with a rebuilding at some point."

Update Dec 2020: the amp has been rebuilt by Bob Harper Jukebox Restorations. See photos.