Super 40 1503 - Steeple Bumpstead

This is Super 40 serial 1503, purchased in 2020 for restoration by the current owner.

Much of the mechanics were missing and the steel components were pretty rusty, nevertheless, all the "difficult" parts remained so eventually all the components were sourced to assemble it again.

It was decided to have the new speaker grille anodised in gold to match the gold fleck in the paint (the original BAL-AMi finish had very sparse gold spatter coat).

A number of parts had to be fabricated (a re-cast "star", the coin mech mount and chute, caster carrier etc) as well as having to commission a copy of the casting that holds the selector keys in, as some kind soul had liberated it years ago. Impossible to find, so the owner had a local 3D printing company make one by copying one of the remaining three.

Other parts sourced from the endlessly supportive and capable Simon Edy, and Jukebox World in Germany.

Two years later, it is a fine restoration.