• Original condition Original condition
  • Innards Innards
  • Mech top view Mech top view
  • Gripper motor Gripper motor
  • Pin wheel Pin wheel
  • Pins for cleaning Pins for cleaning
  • Leaf switches replaced by modern component Leaf switches replaced by modern component
  • Restored Beam Echo amp Restored Beam Echo amp
  • Beautifully restored Beautifully restored

J200 1224 - London

This J200 was bought by Richard Jackson for restoration at an online auction in poor condition, but complete. The photos show some of his journey.

The scan switch and leaf switches were replaced with modern components as they are probably the weakest points in the mech ( http://www.yourjukebox.co.uk/enhanced/ ). All pins were extracted and cleaned.

As usual, the gripper bow was locked solid with grease, so this was stripped and cleaned. The Beam Echo amp was restored by Mike West.

Another wonderful restoration and another BAL-AMi saved from the skip.