Title: Jukeboxes
Author: M.Adams, J.Lukas, T.Maschke
ISBN: 0887408761
Published: 1996
BAL-AMi Content: Nil

Originating from Germany, the distinctive feature of this book is that it uses professionally taken photographs of a number of fifties jukes in glorious colour to make the central section. The photos examine the interior as well as the exterior of models such as the Rock-Ola 1448, the Seeburg R, and an AMi K. This makes a refreshing change from the usual reproductions which do tend to appear in a number of books.

Added to this, the whole book is printed on high quality glossy paper.

The content is concentrated on the silver age, i.e. the 1950s, and covers a number of German manufacturers such as Bergmann and NSM as well as the big four.

No BAL-AMi content, but there is a page covering the IMA-AMi company of Denmark, a sort of BAL-AMi Danish equivalent.