Super 100

1960 BAL-AMi Super 100

Manufactured and designed for the UK market by Balfour, the S100 was based upon the AMi H and I models, using the glass screen from the H (the BAL-AMi model I has a perspex screen.)

The Super 100 was really the last good looking jukebox made by Balfour. They were well built and 100% British with no USA equivalent.

They were like a big Super 40 cabinet wise, with cut down circuitry. The power for the mech was derived within the amplifier, which is the same amp as used in the Super 40 Deluxe.

They used a 200 carousel with one record in alternate spaces. The titles were the same with blanks in every other slot

Perhaps its biggest failing was the mech cover. It was a one piece plastic molding with a really bad weak spot,and they are hard to find these days.

It's quite common for S100 models to have been converted to 200 play. Providing the small number of additional parts are available, the conversion is reasonably straightforward. The second photo shows an S100 that is now 200-play.

An article outlining how to convert an S100 to 200 selections is in the Restorations section.