Where are they now?

We don't know exactly how many jukeboxes were manufactured by BAL-AMi, but it's a fact that most of them haven't survived. My aim with this page is to build a picture of just how many are still around, and their geographical spread, using the serial number records.

If the serial number plate of your BAL-AMi is still in place, you'll sometimes find it on the rear of the cabinet (e.g. for the Model I).

On the Junior model, the serial number is usually on the silver base plate under the turntable shroud (see photo below). When it is scanned fully to the right you should see a four digit number on the plate. Sometimes an owner might remove it and screw it to the inside of the door.

Junior serial location

The plate will look something like the images below.

If you have a BAL-AMi, with a serial number plate, drop me a line and I'll add it to the list. Please include the geographical location and maybe some words about its condition and history if available. And photos !

Serial no plate

Serial no plate

I've also been sent this interesting ID plate below (courtesy: Geoff Young) which has been marked as model "HU" - presumably for some sort of hideaway unit. I don't have any other information on this as yet.


Model Serial Location Comments
E80 1245 Hamilton, New Zealand Serial number from turntable.
E80 1368 Sussex, UK Unrestored.
E80 1379 Market Harborough, UK Serial number from mech.
E80 1483 Rotherham, UK Being restored in 2011.
F80 Not known Australia Under restoration.
G80 Not known Southgate, London, UK Purchased by current owner in Feb 2011.
G80 Not known London, UK Serial number 480 on mech. Sold on eBay March 2010.
G80 1363 France 110 volt export model.
G80 1529 France 110 volt export model.
G80 1531 Kapsweyer, Germany Being restored in 2018 for display in a museum.
G80 1635 Nantes, France Last known sale in March 2011.
G80 1642 Penrith, UK Original operator was Ruffler & Walker in Wales. Apr 2015: Moved from Devon to Isle of Sheppey.
Aug 2016: Now in Penrith, Cumbria.
G80 1841 Swindon, UK Restored.
G80 1849 Enfield, UK No info.
G80 1891 Letchworth, UK Possibly pre-owned by Denny Siewell, the drummer with Wings, in the 1970s.
G80 1958 Hampshire, UK Sold on eBay, March 2012. Now being restored.
G80 1960 Gold Coast, Australia Bought from a service station in Nuthall Rd, Nottingham in 1978 for £50. Went to Oz with the owner in 1987.
G80 2002 Melksham, UK Lives in a kitchen.
G80 2024 Tyne & Wear, UK Owned since 1989 and restored.
G80 2102 Spalding, UK Acquired in 2005.
G80 2139 Liverpool, UK In home use.
G80 2248 East Sussex, UK For sale on eBay, Jan 2006.
G80 2332 Nantes, France Last known sale in April 2011.
G80 2439 New Zealand No idea how it got there....
G80 2696 Yorkshire, UK Spotted on eBay, Nov 2005.
G80 2756 Stroud, UK Possibly originally from Southend.
G80 2825 New Zealand Being restored, Apr 2011.
G80 2863 Staffordshire, UK Purchased as restored, Dec 2011.
G80 2865 Dodleston, UK Impulse buy in Chester whilst waiting for the dentist!!
G80 2873 Prestatyn, UK Spotted on eBay, March 2006.
G80 2882 High Wycombe, UK Ready for restoration, March 2007.
G80 2932 Taunton, UK Being restored - was in the Sea View cafe in Lochinver, Scotland, until the early 70's.
G80 2939 New Plymouth, New Zealand Unrestored but working!
G80 2953 Hinckley, UK Being restored 2014.
G80 2977 Bath, UK Originally operated by the Peter Simper Organisation in Bath.
G80 2984 Worthing, UK Being sold incomplete on eBay July 2008.
G80 3006 Addlestone, UK For sale on eBay, September 2012.
G80 3048 Auckland, New Zealand Another NZ box and it seems like....
G80 3103 Sandy, UK For sale on eBay, December 2015.
G80 3104 Wirral, UK Being restored 2015.
G80 3116 Norwich, UK In good original condition.
G80 3120 Ongar, UK For sale on eBay May 2018.
G80 3175 Aotearoa, New Zealand Came from a milk bar in Coromandel
G80 3201 Weymouth, UK Breaking for parts on eBay, September 2015
G80 3207 New Zealand there's loads of them over there !!
G80 3227 Biggleswade, UK Imported from Malta and awaiting restoration
G80 3269 Alfreton, UK For sale on eBay, August 2018.
G80 3287 Biggleswade, UK Sold on eBay, November 2009.
G80 3291 Worthing, UK
G80 3321 Wickford, UK Sold on eBay, July 2010.
G120 Not known Carcassonne, France Originally from the Bognor Regis area.
G120 781 UK On eBay, August 2009.
G120 794 UK
G120 846 New South Wales, Australia Still working and passed on via family estate, 2013.
G120 869 Queensland, Australia Purchased in 2008, previously used in a local cafe
G120 901 Wallington, UK Serial number from the mech
G120 949 Chartreuse Green, Australia Being restored (2010)
G120 965 Hemsworth, UK On eBay, July 2010
G120 1213 Australia ... and another from Oz !
Junior 1048 Westhoughton, UK Bought from eBay in 2013, now resides in a conservatory near Bolton. Still in original condition, not restored.
Junior 1052 Buckinghamshire, UK On sale on eBay, May 2007, and again in March2009 !
Junior 1062 Derby, UK Bought from Tony Holmes and giving much pleasure!
Junior 1152 Frimley, UK Sep 2015, awaiting restoration. Previous owner paid £10 for it from an operator in the 1970s.
Junior 1158 Harrow, UK Nicely restored, been with owner since 1993.
Junior 1250 Margate, UK Restored 2012-13 by Simon Edy. Lives next door to 1456 !
Junior 1253 Brighton, UK For sale on eBay, August 2013.
Junior 1295 New Zealand Emigrated from UK with owner.
Junior 1334 Winchmore Hill, UK With owner since 1980, used to be sited in Black Cat cafe in Hertford.
Junior 1397 Brandon, UK Working, but temperamental!
Junior 1399 Totternhoe, UK Sold on eBay, February 2010.
Junior 1414 UK In home use.
Junior 1456 Margate, UK Restored in 2014-15 by Simon Edy. Lives next door to 1250 !
Junior 1459 Maidstone, UK Being sold on eBay.
Junior 1479 Winslow, UK Owned since 1990.
Junior 1492 Exeter, UK On its way to Hemel Hempstead, June 2019.
Junior 1507 Hertford, UK Being overhauled after purchase in June, 2007.
Junior 1523 2018 Frimley, UK
2019 Broadstairs, UK
Restored in 2018.
New owner in 2019.
Junior 1552 Frimley, UK Awaiting restoration 2015. Bought from The Rose and Crown in Skipton, Yorkshire.
Junior 1582 Southampton, UK Sold on eBay, November 2011.
Junior 1635 Wales Restored 2012-13 by Simon Edy.
Junior 1661 2014 Westerham, UK
2018 Sandgate, UK
2019 Ludlow, UK
Restored 2014 by Simon Edy.
Junior 1711 Scarborough, UK In home use
Junior 1789 Maidenhead, UK Bought at auction June 2018. To be restored.
Junior 1799 Coventry, UK With present owner since 1984
Junior 1823 West Wiltshire, UK In home use
Junior 1825 Staffordshire, UK In home use
Junior 1826 Evesham, UK For sale on eBay, Feb 2011
Junior 1856 London, UK Rescued from old London Hospital demolition. Serial no. taken from deck.
Junior 1880 Sheffield, UK Bought from Sisman's Electrical shop in Sheffield around 1992.
Junior 1884 Cumbria, UK With owner since 1988. In working order
Junior 1926

Was Biggleswade, UK

2017: Steeple Bumpstead, UK

Imported from Malta and fully restored
Junior 2054 Frimley, UK In a bad state (2019), possibly a parts machine. Supplied by operator Ruffler & Walker.
Junior 2055 Frimley, UK Awaiting restoration May 2015.
Junior 2080 Wombwell, UK Been with present owner since around 1998.
Junior 2111 Stafford, UK Same owner since 1988. Very reliable!
Junior 2159 Winslow, UK Restoration project.
Junior 2177 Hampshire, UK Fully restored in 2014.
Junior 2223 Burnley, UK Found in the back of a trailer in a farm!
Junior 2260 County Kildare, Ireland Awaiting restoration August 2017.
Junior 2298 Frimley, UK Being restored, May 2019, but needs an amplifier.
Junior 2302 Margate, UK In Ramsay & Williams Vintage Shop, 2018. Working but not restored.
Junior 2330 Wirral, UK For sale on eBay, October 2010.
Junior 2335 UK For sale at the Chessington jukebox show, Nov 2013.
Junior 2374 Stevenage, UK For sale on eBay, Jan 2010.
Junior 2467 2015: Frimley, UK
2016: Chesterfield, UK
Restored in 2015.
Junior 2487 Dunedin, New Zealand Serial number taken from mech.
Junior 2535 Benfleet, UK Working, unrestored.
Junior 2540 Alton, UK Being sold on eBay, May 2007.
Junior 2564 Banstead, UK Restored 2015-17 and purchased by current owner in 2017.
Junior 2682 c.1978-2018: Derbyshire, UK
2018: Frimley, UK
Serial number is stamped into the metal casting. Under restoration (2018).
Junior Not Known Oldham, UK Restored in 1987
Junior Not known Whitland, Wales Serial number 457 2352 on the mech. Sold on eBay August 2009
Junior Not known Co.Down, N.Ireland In home use and looking well
Junior Not known Frimley, UK Restored in 2015 by Simon Edy
Super 40 Not known Hull, UK In home use.
Super 40 Not known York, UK In home use since 1981
Super 40 1028 France Restored in 2017
Super 40 1044 France In home use
Super 40 1063 Rescued from France Being restored in Hemel Hempstead, 2014.
Super 40 1071 Exeter, UK
2019: Hemel Hempstead, UK
110V model bought in Nice, France. Awaiting restoration.
Super 40 1092 Exeter, UK
2019: Hemel Hempstead, UK
Has been cut in half and lots of parts missing!
Super 40 1279 2000: Kent, UK
2007: Braintree, UK
Nov 2016: Overseal, UK
In home use.
Super 40 1327 New Zealand In home use.
Super 40 1388 Bristol, UK Restoration, 2015.
Super 40 1408 Kent, UK Sold on eBay, Aug 2010, then again at auction in London in 2013.
Super 40 1504 Cambridge, UK For sale, July 2019
Super 40 1512 Paignton, UK In home use.
Super 40 1621 2016: Exeter, UK
2017: Hemel Hempstead, UK
Sold on eBay, January 2017.
Super 40 1653 Germany Three year restoration completed early 2014.
Super 40 1656 Alfreton, UK For sale on eBay, August 2018.
Super 40 1667 Germany Sold on eBay and shipped to Germany in August 2011.
Super 40 1712 Sheffield, UK Taken in payment for debts owed in 1990 !
Super 40 1721 Rotherham, UK For sale on eBay July 2008. On eBay again, Feb 2015.
Super 40 1728 London, UK Unrestored, in home use since 1984.
Super 40 1768 Frimley, UK Under restoration in 2017.
Super 40 1837 London NW7, UK Same owner for 37 years.
Super 40 1891 Northamptonshire, UK On sale on eBay December 2010.
Super 40 1968 Lancashire, UK For sale on eBay, March 2009.
Super 40 1990 Harrow, UK, then Cannock Sold on eBay, June 2010, and appeared on eBay again in April 2016.
Super 40 2045 Hemel Hempstead, UK Restored, 2013-14 by Simon Edy.
Super 40 2064 Texas, USA Unused in a garage since 1975. Got to USA via US military personnel.
Super 40 Unknown UK Originally operated by Ruffler and Walker. Bought from R&W by gent in Bath. Sold in 2016/17 to owner in Somerset. Latest owner acquired the juke in March 2019.
RC40 wall box 022 Yorkshire, UK Very rare !
RC40 wall box 024 Bath, UK Very rare !
RC40 wall box 036 Weymouth, UK For sale on eBay, March 2015
RC40 wall box 043 Bath, UK For sale on eBay, February 2018
RC40 wall box 091 ? Frimley, UK No ID plate but "91" stamped on cabinet.
I200M 1002 South Cambridgeshire, UK 2019: Under restoration
I200E 1005 Saarbrücken, Germany 110V version, originally delivered to France.
I200M 1006 Bath, UK
I200M 1011 London, UK In home use
I200M 1075 Queensland, Australia Restored - no idea how it got there!
I200M 1083 Kanfen, France Originally sited in a cafe in Vitry-le-Francois
I200M 1094 Glasgow, UK Unrestored, livingin a garage
I200M 1104 Norfolk, UK For sale on eBay, February 2013
I200M 1120 Dundee, UK Being sold in February 2007
I200M 1163 Maidenhead, UK In home use since 1969
I200M 1174 Lincoln, UK Sold by The Jukeboxman, Feb 2015
I200M 1183 London, UK Spotted at Jukebox Madness Show, Oct 2008
I200M 1186 Erquy, Brittany, France Same owner since 1973 - bought for £60 !
I200M 1190 Marlow, UK Restored in late 1990s
I200M 1199 Copthorne, UK Spotted at Copthorne jukebox show April 2003
I200E 1239 Auckland, New Zealand Another Kiwi...
I200M 1257 Auckland, New Zealand ....and another
I200M 1290 Victoria, Australia Restored in 2006 in Oz
I200M 1386 Enfield, UK Restored in 1996 in pink. Repainted to correct charcoal in 2015. In home use.
I200M 1410 Victoria, Australia Being restored 2015
I200M 1440 Gloucestershire, UK Restored by Terry Lovell, July 2018
I200M 1446 St.Austell, UK Spotted for sale on EBAY, Aug 2005. Being sold by jukebox trader in Jan 2016.
I200M 1478 South Devon, UK Being restored, Aug 2012
I200M 1491 Yorkshire, UK In home use
I200M 1521 Chiswick, UK Formerly owned by 60's music photographer Jan Olafsson
I200M 1546 Througham, UK In home use and cost £5 in 1975 !!
I200M Not known Througham, UK In a garage needing a little TLC. Cost £120 in 1980...
I200M 1558 Tunbridge Wells Bought in 1981 in Derby for £20 !
I200E 1578 Bristol, UK Restored in 1997. Very rare electric select BAL-AMi I200.
I200E 1582 Unknown The only BAL-AMi I200 Electric I've seen, spotted at the 2001 Jukebox Madness Show on the Jooks stand.
I200M 1589 Unknown Spotted for sale at the Jukebox Madness show, October 2005.
I200M 1595 Tetbury, UK In daily home use.
I200M 1653 Bedfordshire, UK Former party animal, now in home use!
I200M 1655 Manchester, UK Unrestored - used for Charles & Diana street party in July 1981!
I200M 1670 Pagham, UK In retirement by the seaside.
I200M 1680 Carmarthen, UK For sale on eBay, Dec 2013
I200M 1712 Swansea, UK Being restored slowly but surely.
I200M 1731 Taunton, UK One of the rarer "pink top/green side" models. This one has a factory tag attached dated Sep 1959.
I200M 1750 London, UK In storage and owned by the Museum of London. Has been there since 1983. One of the turquoise / pink variety.
I200M 1825 Liverpool, UK Unused since 1991.
I200M 1956 Not known For sale July 2009.
I200M 3011 Wimbledon, UK Given to the current owner by Marc Bolan in 1975.
I200M Not known Cambridge, UK In need of restoration, serial plate missing.
J200 1006 Unknown Unknown.
J200 1013 Orpington, UK Being restored, 2012.
J200 1044 Croydon, UK Being restored, 2019.
J200 1100 Enfield, UK Possibly ex-Enfield coffee shop. In original condition.
J200 1117 Nottingham, UK Now restored, found in a pub cellar in 2002.
J200 1151 Bedford, UK Being sold on eBay, Sep 2007.
J200 1166 Suffolk, UK Bought at JBM show in 2004.
J200 1175 London, UK Rescued from a lock-up on the Isle of Wight in 1977.
J200 1179 Essex, UK Restored and in home use.
J200 1195 Not known On sale on eBay June 2009.
J200 1216 Southwick, UK Sold on eBay June 2010. Retrieved from a barn, originally in a pub in Shrewsbury.
J200 1286 Steeple Bumpstead, UK Acquired in 2017.
J200 1323 Chester, UK With current owner since 1993.
J200 1356 Melbourne, Australia Unrestored but complete and working.
J200 1360 Kent, UK Fully restored.
J200 1474? Crewe, UK Serial X1474-78 somewhere on the mech.
J200 1950 Perthshire, UK In home use.
J200 200214 Chichester, UK Fully restored by current owner.
J200 200221 Huddersfield, UK Same owner since 1990.
J200 200233 West Wiltshire, UK In home use.
J200 200238 Liverpool, UK Bought for £50 in 1975 and still with same owner.
J200 200242 Reading, UK Also goes to parties!
Super 40 Deluxe 1957 Chesterfield, UK Restored by Tony Homes.
Super 40 Deluxe 2131 Cheshire, UK In home use.
Super 40 Deluxe 2135 Barnsley, UK Rescued from an Essex pub cellar in 2002.
Super 40 Deluxe 2149 Hemel Hempstead, UK On sale on eBay, May 2007
Super 40 Deluxe 2178 Coventry, UK Due for restoration circa 2020 !
Super 40 Deluxe 2183 Sheffield, UK On sale on eBay, September 2010
Super 40 Deluxe 2233 Garston, UK Inherited
K200 Not known Leicestershire, UK Bought from a pub landlord in Burton-on-Trent in 1976 for £100.
K200 300359 Doncaster, UK For sale on eBay, October 2012
K200 300360 Bo'ness, UK Restored, in home use
K200 300377 Dec 2016: Banstead, UK
Jan 2017: Orpington, UK
For sale on eBay December 2016. Now in Orpington.
K200 300386 East Dulwich, UK Sold on EBAY, April 2006 (Aberdeen), and again in November 2013.
K200 300396 Chessington, UK On sale at the Chessington jukebox show, November 2014
K200 300405 La Rochelle, France Bought on eBay, November 2017
K200 300456 Newcastle, UK Unrestored, in home use since 1990
K200 300460 Cleveland, UK For sale on eBay, June 2008
K200 300494 Sunbury, UK Bought in 1973 for £40.00 from a house in Stanwell.
K200 300529 Norfolk, UK Alive and well !
K200 300537 Swadlincote, UK For sale on eBay, May 2012
S100 Century 1082 Bordeaux, France Bought in Feb 2006 for restoration
S100 1139 Lincolnshire, UK Sold on eBay, June 2013
S100 Century 1155 Holland For sale on Dutch web site Dec 2013
S100 Century 1185 Elst, Holland Being restored, October 2007.
S100 Century 1189 Belgium
S100 2204 Bath, UK Originally operated by the Peter Simper Organisation in Bath.
S100 2209 Essex, UK Sold on eBay, March 2013
S100 2233 Cologne, Germany Bought in East Ham, London, in 1984. Shipped to Germany with owner in 1991.
S100 2265 Totnes, UK On sale on eBay, April 2018
S100 2270 Spotted on EBAY, June 2005. Then Chessington Show, 2014. Sold from Dyfed, Wales in 2005. Then on sale at Chessington Jukebox show, November 2014.
S100 2280 2003: Copthorne, UK
2016: Annan, UK
Spotted at Copthorne jukebox show April 2003. Possibly two jukeboxes with the same serial number as histories don't match.
S100 2290 Essex, UK On sale on eBay, October 2012
S100 2317 Leicester, UK On sale on eBay, April 2016
S100 2332 Forest of Dean, UK On sale on eBay, April 2017
S100 100114 Paignton, UK In home use
S100 100118 Bedford,UK Restored, in home use.
Converted to 200 selections.
S100 100122 Worthing, UK Sold on eBay February 2011.
S100 100187 Chesterfield, UK For sale on eBay August 2019. Needs restoration.
S100 100199 Chesham, UK Unused since late 1990s.
S100 100201 Sheffield, UK Being converted to 200-play in May 2015.
S100 100226 Blackburn, UK
S100 100228 Leeds, UK Restored by Tony Holmes in 2001.
S100 100236 Norwich, UK Same family since mid 1970s.
S100 100244 Leeds, UK With current owner since 1985.
S100 100259 Milton Keynes, UK For sale on eBay, August 2019.
S100 100265 Isle of Skye, UK In home use.
S100 100279 Ossett, UK Back to working condition in 2008.
S100 100292 Northamptonshire, UK For sale on eBay, February 2007.
S100 100302 Aylesbury, UK Sold on eBay in July 2006. For sale on eBay again, Nov 2015.
New Yorker 510589 Durham, UK Been in the family since about 1970.